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Chinese geomancy or “Feng Shui” (pronounced “fungschway”) literally means wind and water; these are the two of the most fundamental forms of life’s energy.  
Wind and Water are the two characters that represent harmony and balance.
This is what Feng shui is all about. Understanding the secrets of how energy moves in our surroundings and how the style of our buildings and interiors affect us at a subtle level is Feng Shui.
Feng Shui is the study of how time, space, you and the environment affect your health, wealth and relationships through the energy that has been present in the immediate environment called “Qi.”
Feng Shui Homes offers this help for those who wanted to consult about Feng Shui and their homes. Only an excellent and credible Feng Shui Practitioner such as Eugene Tan, can show the true path to fulfilling your goals and dreams. 
In fact, when Feng Shui is properly done, the following are the benefits:
a. General Positive experiences and great good luck.
b. Vastly improved health.
c. Harmonious relationships with family, friends, colleagues and special someone.
d. Bright career opportunities, feeling of satisfaction and motivation to move forward.
e. Successes in all areas of life.
f. A heightened sense of well being and a good feel of self-actualization.
g. Making sales with dispatch, even when multi-million peso real property is involved.
h. Tenants of long standing who care for the property as you do.
i. A bountiful landscape, abundant with symbolic or real mountains, real or virtual water.
j. A growing and effective business.

Ask a credible Feng Shui Home expert such as Manila Feng Shui Expert, Eugene Tan. His feng shui consultation rates are a lot friendlier than those others.
Certainly, worth your money, Eugene Tan understands how money is important to people who seek help, hence, he provides genuine and generous help-consultation-advice and Feng shui knowledge sharing to any one interested.
Normally, consultation rates are based on the number of square meters of the area that will be analyzed, however, Eugene Tan would also allow hourly rates for its clients—whichever is fair and convenient for the client.

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