roofMaricar Medel

My boyfriend and i bought a house that suited our budget. It’s an old house but it was renovated by the seller. It was the house i wanted, spacious and beautiful. But when we finally lived there, I can sense that the house is not good for us specially to me. Some accidents happened. That’s why my boyfriend lost his job, I dont get any job as well no matter how I try to get one. Its strange coz i didnt have any problems in finding jobs before but when I lived in my new house no luck seems to come in and that’s how i got interested with Feng Shui. I thought before i will just waste my money on this but now im thinking it certainly is worth every penny. Not only am I back to work now, got a new car, and I now have my own money. I have to thank Mr Eugene Tan for visiting my home .. He truly has a gift 🙂 !!

JP Aclan  ( Venture Capitalist Senior Executive )

“Mr. Eugene Tan is the real deal. For the past years and months, I have been practicing Feng Shui. In both my business and personal life, it has been an integral component of how I do things. But never have it been so effective till recently. God bless the internet and I found Mr. Eugene Tan that has changed the way I looked at Feng Shui.

I never realized that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. Feng Shui should be tailored fitted to an individual’s requirement. No matter how many books or internet resources you read, everything is just hearsay. One needs to practice the real Feng Shui principles to benefit from it.

I implemented all the things that Mr. Eugene Tan recommended and it immediately changed my life and that of my family. All the things that he told me to do, I did it. I did not select this and that. I just did it. And it just changed everything for the better. What was not happening, suddenly happened. What I was waiting for suddenly arrived.

Forget about what you know about this Chinese system. When you work with Mr. Eugene, you will not need any other resource expert. God sends people in your life that will prove to be a blessing. This is what Mr. Eugene is.

Its not superstition. End of the day, all blessing comes from God. But real Feng Shui is a gift from God. I highly recommend him. Practice real feng shui and experience the difference.


DaniloMiklat (Manager BnM Ice and Refrigeration Co.)

For years we have been experiencing difficulties with our sales in the ice and refrigeration business. Then (it was) suggested by a board member to have a Feng Shui Audit by Eugene Tan. Two weeks after applying all the simple recommendations, we started to experience a sudden increase in activity in our marketing department. Since then, our sales and growth has always been up.

Alex Uy (sales manager SUNLIFE FINANCIAL Philippines)

I am very happy with Eugene’s work. A few years ago, we were having problems with our little boy who couldn’t concentrate and was somewhat frustrated with all his work. Eugene recommended that we switch the rooms of my son and daughters. I was hesitant at first but I said “It’s worth a try.” Like magic, after around a week, my son became very active and seemed very enthusiastic about school. And my daughters are doing great!

Dr. Ginio Caton

For some time I had been troubled by insomnia and a vague confusion about what’s what around the house. On top of worries about my health and emotional disposition, I was also feeling kind of worried about my son, seemingly lost about his career and what to do in life. One day, out of curiosity, I invited Eugene to consult (with) us on our Feng Shui and give an audit. He made a number of recommendations to balance and harmonize the energies of the house.
I applied all his recommendations, and after around two weeks, everything seemed to change. My insomnia troubles went away and my relations with others became harmonious. I suddenly liked being home. Even my son started working and became more enthusiastic about life . Thank you, Eugene!