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Feng Shui Expert

This is Architect Eugene Tan, Feng Shui expert, and a contemplative as well as hard-nosed businessman, by profession. While ensuring the success of the business, I applied myself to rigorous study on the main schools of Chinese geomancy, more popularly known as “Feng Shui (FS)”.

On vacations, I was more likely to search out old Chinese poems relating to Feng Shui and deciphering them to reveal their secrets. Beginning 2000, I quietly applied the art and science of Classical FS sharing my knowledge and giving advice to all home owners and house builders who may be interested in applying Feng Shui to their properties.

My Feng Shui Services

What is Feng Shui?


Chinese geomancy or “Feng Shui” (pronounced “fungschway”) literally means wind and water; two of the most fundamental forms of life’s energy. Together, the two characters represent harmony and balance. It is about understanding energy movement secrets in our homes or environment, and how the style of our buildings and interiors affect us at a subtle level. It involves harnessing beneficial Qi to enhance the success and good fortune of an individual. Simply put it is the study of how time, space, you and the environment affect your health, wealth and relationships.

"The power of Feng Shui lies in improving and adjusting to one’s degree of fortune and misfortune so as to receive the maximum benefit." - Feng Shui Expert

How You Benefit from Feng Shui

An excellent Feng Shui expert shows you the true path to fulfilling your goals and dreams. You know the result is topnotch when life blesses you with:

  • Positive experiences and great good luck generally.
  • Vastly improved health.
  • Harmonious relationships.
  • Bright career opportunities.
  • Successes in all areas of life.
  • A heightened sense of well being.
  • Make sales with dispatch, even when multi-million peso real property is involved.
  • Tenants of long standing who care for the property as you do.
  • A bountiful landscape, abundant with symbolic or real mountains, real or virtual water.
  • A successful business.

Client Testimonial

I am very happy with Eugene’s work. A few years ago, we were having problems with our little boy who couldn’t concentrate and was somewhat frustrated with all his work. Feng Shui Expert Eugene Tan recommended that we switch the rooms of my son and daughters. I was hesitant at first but I said “It’s worth a try.” Like magic, after around a week, my son became very active and seemed very enthusiastic about school. And my daughters are doing great!


-Alex Uy (sales manager SUNLIFE FINANCIAL Philippines)

A Benevolent Body of Beliefs

Through thousands of years, the lived experience of Feng Shui Experts and believers has verified that Feng Shui (FS) is an unfailingly correct study of the environment. Properly applied, FS has forged huge improvements in health, emotional well being, relationships, and prosperity.

FS aims to maximize your quality of life by observing and analyzing your personal environment. It's a metaphysical science. I can guide you to learn to recognize and tap the “Qi”, the cosmic energy that flows in you and all around you so as to benefit every endeavor in life.

The proof that “Qi” exists?

Even physicians trained solely in Western medicine have seen for themselves that acupuncture and acupressure work. Like the long-terms trends mathematical economists affirm, “Qi” is cyclical. Its ebb and flow can therefore be charted and calculated.

How Staircases Facing the Main Door Affects Feng Shui

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging spaces to promote harmony and balance, considers the flow of qi (or chi), the vital life force energy, as fundamental. The orientation and position of elements within a home significantly influence this flow, affecting...

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