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Feng Shui Consultant

For over a decade now, Eugene has been immersed in the lore, teachings and practice of Feng Shui Consultancy.

Even if you never call on him for a formal consultation, he invites you to learn more about the richness of Feng Shui (FS) doctrines and how these can turn your life around. Unique to Chinese culture, the doctrine that is Feng Shui seems to lie midway between superstition and fact. In the popular imagination, the practice of it has become associated with superstition, ghosts and something akin to a religious cult. It is scientific but not in the Western sense of the word.

FS is the study of how time, space, and your surroundings impact your health, wealth, social and familial relationships. The closest FS theories of Qi come to empirical, hard science is when Western medical practitioners see for themselves the beneficial effects of acupuncture without being able to explain it in terms of visible or measurable phenomena. FS has been tarnished by unscrupulous “practitioners” who launch many a marketing gimmick to prey on the ignorance, greed, fear and desire for quick fixes of ill-informed clients.

As a professional Feng Shui consultant, Eugene prefers the ethical way, using FS techniques to give his clients an in-depth analysis of their current situation and to formulate effective recommendations to improve their FS and, ultimately, the totality of their lives. Although based in the Philippines, he can provide comprehensive evaluations to anyone around the globe via on- and off-site professional consulting services. By all means, call or email him to find out how he can work wonders for your home and business despite being an ocean away. He conducts both business and residential consultations.

Client Testimonial

For some time I had been troubled by insomnia and a vague confusion about what’s what around the house. On top of worries about my health and emotional disposition, I was also feeling kind of worried about my son, seemingly lost about his career and what to do in life. One day, out of curiosity, I invited Eugene to consult (with) us on our Feng Shui and give an audit. He made a number of recommendations to balance and harmonize the energies of the house.

I applied all his recommendations, and after around two weeks, everything seemed to change. My insomnia troubles went away and my relations with others became harmonious. I suddenly liked being home. Even my son started working and became more enthusiastic about life . Thank you, Eugene!

Dr. Ginio Caton

A Working Feng Shui Consultant

As a Feng Shui Consultant, Eugene collaborates with homeowners, entrepreneurs and corporations. This is to thwart misfortune through the correct application of Feng Shui. Result would be to gain every advantage in their endeavors. He cooperates closely with architects, builders, and interior designers.

His consulting style is a holistic but faithful adherence to several traditional methods, including: Flying Star School (Xuan Kong), the most practical applications from the East/West School (also, “Eight Mansion School”), and the Form School that is intrinsic to authentic, classical doctrine. It goes without saying, too, that the Yin-Yang and Five-Element Theories are integral parts of traditional Feng Shui.

Consultations are done with a compass reading to pinpoint the precise directional alignment of the home or business. Eugene also evaluates exteriors and landscaping. How the occupants are affected by their home and the year the house was constructed are always central to the analysis he undertakes. Being an Architecture Graduate by qualification, he approaches Feng Shui Homes consulting with a thorough going analysis for the power (and weaknesses) inherent in the residential or commercial structure.


Eugene’s fees are surprisingly friendlier than most. His consulting rates are very affordable and he charges either a square meter rate or an hourly rate, whichever is the fairest price for the project.

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