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“Classical Feng Shui neither invokes the occult nor cultivates witchcraft”

I should clarify first of all, that one Feng Shui misconception is that it invokes the occult nor cultivates witchcraft. Genuine Feng Shui practice does not recognize ghosts or spirits.

We do not advocate either Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui (BTB, also known as “Fast Food Feng Shui”) or Intuitive/Modern Feng Shui. In my considered opinion, any other “styles” are infinitely superior primarily because these two are corruptions of Western money-grubbing, particularly in the United States. Nonetheless, we make some information about these Feng Shui schools available so you can be suitably wary and know what you are getting into if approached by the wrong kind of practitioner.

Be sure you know what School of Feng Shui your proposed consultant adheres to. More often than not, commercialized Feng Shui follows the BTB and Intuitive/Modern Schools.

Black Hat

Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui (BTB) was developed in 1986 in the US by the self-styled “Grandmaster” Thomas Lin Yun. He alone conceived this sect so that American disciples could have it easier. One way to tell is that BTB has dispensed with the luo pan or Chinese compass that is intrinsic to the Compass School of Classical Feng Shui. This sect embodies more doctrines from Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism rather than Classical Feng Shui.

Not surprisingly, most tradition-minded Feng Shui practitioners consider BTB to be pseudo-Feng Shui, more motivated by superstition and profit than the welfare of those asking for consultations.

Having dispensed with the luo pan to interpret magnetic readings or determine the propitious orientation for a building or a home, Black Hat practitioners use only the front door as the focal point of reference. The recommendations of the master rest entirely on where Life Values are said to exist within each space of the home or office, all in relation to where the front door is situated.

For this sect’s readings, the 8 trigrams of the Bagua are each assigned a certain life value. The East section represents health and well-being, the South is for fame, the Southeast for wealth, the West for children and pets, the Southwest is for marriage and relationships, the Northwest for significant people, the North for career and reputation, and finally the Northeast for knowledge and wisdom.

Black Sect is also very reliant on items such as mirrors, flutes, and crystals.

Intuitive/Modern Feng Shui

Intuitive/Modern Feng Shui s a Western adaptation of some levels of Traditional Feng Shui. Instead of doing readings based on traditional symbols native to Chinese culture, this school opted for cures more appropriate to Western lifestyles and tastes. The “Modern” School has fragmented into such sects as the Western and Pyramid Schools of Feng Shui.

Black Hat

A few examples of things that are mistakenly considered to be Feng Shui are:

  • Bagua Mirrors
  • Crystals
  • Charms and “cures”
  • Religious chants or objects
  • Fish
  • Coins used symbolically for wealth

Many books write about cures and symbolisms and these cures are purported to create “good” Feng Shui. In reality, these fall into the three traps of:

  • Asian superstition
  • Money makers
  • Complete misunderstanding

The list goes on and on… Today, there are a lot of Feng Shui misconception(s) and misinformation. It has become a fad or trend in the West to have a Feng Shui reading. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure the Consultant you call on, knows the deeper theories of Feng Shui. I trust this information has given you more knowledge to help with your search for peace of mind, robust good health and prosperity in every facet of your life.