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House Feng Shui

Eugene provides Feng Shui for homes consultation for both residential and commercial property. Process varies according to the stage at which you are in developing the property.

Land Selection Stage

House Feng Shui usually start at land selection. It is most propitious, of course, if you can bring Eugene in when evaluating two or more properties offered to you for sale. He can then evaluate for you whether each given site will support or counteract your proposed use for the lot.

Property Selection Stage

Bring in a consultant if you have a choice of purchasing different-oriented lots in a gated subdivision, a selection of buildings in a multi-tower high-rise project or individual condo units that orient in various directions of the compass.

An evaluation is needed to see if location, orientation and layout are intrinsically propitious. This will save you the time and money making extensive modifications later when the choice is made and you’re ready to move in.

Helping people select a new house or business location can be done locally or long distance. Working with you and your real estate agent, Eugene can speedily give you in-depth advice about the property before you decide to finalize.

Feng Shui in House Planning or Remodeling

You can derive long-lasting benefits by engaging a Feng Shui practitioner when you are shown your floor plan for the house of your dreams. Eugene shall consult with your house direction or the most propitious orientation and layout to help realize your desires for business, career, family harmony and health.

Building an entirely new structure, an additional wing or expanding the business on a large scale all require the assistance of a highly-trained Feng Shui expert.  Sometimes, the scope of a remodeling project may change the energy dynamics of the entire structure and may therefore require wholesale remedies being put in place.

At other times, the remodeled space may merit evaluating as an area distinct from the original structure. Proper analysis in such cases necessitates that a Feng Shui practitioner have a lot of experience and training with advanced knowledge of the Flying Star School.

Completed or Existing Property

In my experience, this is the most common Feng Shui for homes consultation. It is never too late, even if you have already taken possession and moved into a brand-new unit. Even when you are considering extensive renovation to turn around your fortunes within the constraints of an existing structure.

Feng Shui principles can still be applied on ensuring the smooth flow of Qi, favorable utilization of spaces in the house, and especially optimal placement and orientation of the front door, kitchen and stove, beds and bedrooms etc.

Feng Shui for Commercial Properties

Requests for consultations on commercial properties are, if anything, even more numerous. Eugene evaluates the businesses, from small one-room offices to whole corporations, with a fresh perspective each time because every case is unique. What may be appropriate for a restaurant is not necessarily correct for a doctor’s clinic. Keeping Feng Shui Theory firmly in hand, Eugene can advise on virtually everything, from business start-ups to manufacturing complexes and everything in between.


Eugene’s fees are surprisingly friendlier than most. His consulting rates are very affordable and he charges either a square meter rate or an hourly rate, whichever is the fairest price for the project.

Do I Have to Buy Any Feng Shui Items During or After a Consultation?

If a thorough evaluation of Qi dynamics and distribution within a house or office reveals the need to optimize or remedy Qi in a given spot, there may be an urgent need to introduce items representing the five elements.

For example, your den or bedroom may require the introduction of the metal element to exhaust inauspicious Qi. Or your office boardroom and selling area may benefit from installation of a water feature such as an aquarium or indoor water fountain in order to accumulate positive Qi.

Rest assured that the quantity of remedial items required by Classical Feng Shui is very limited. Eugene does not personally sell such items. However, he can help you source them.