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Ever wonder about mirrors and why feng shui practitioners use mirrors to supposedly block bad qi or fend off bad spirits in your home?

Some practitioners will even say that when a bad spirit sees his own reflection, he’s scared away. Funny, right? That’s why you sometimes see mirrors in odd places like in the corner of a building or at an entrance door or at the post, supposedly reflecting away bad qi.

Now actually, when you see a house with this type of bagua mirror, it makes you feel like there must be something wrong with the house.

So how can mirrors block the influences of bad qi? People with a better knowledge of feng shui knows that one can direct the movement of qi, but not reflect it. So mirrors do nothing at all. They have no real meaning in feng shui except giving a space a more spacious feel.

So qi is a life force or you can say an air current that is manipulated by the contents of a room, doors, and windows, and exterior forces like roads, rivers, mountains or plains.

So remember, when your feng shui master starts to place mirrors around your house, maybe it’s time for you to search for a practitioner who really knows.
We’ll that’s it for today. I’m here to share the joys of living a good life with feng shui. That’s what this is all about. So hopefully, this video will help you in discerning what will and will not work.

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