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Strong and stable businesses have their own strategies of making their companies and institution grow and operate efficiently. Some of these have made their way through hard work and good blend of manpower while some really very strong ones have managed to reach the top because of Feng Shui Consultation.

Different establishments and institutions such as the following can benefit from Feng Shui:

Commercial Shops
The placement of cash registers, the space where customers can fall in line and wait, the traffic flow of customers, placements or positioning of doors, windows, and other factors that are external and internal would be assessed by the Manila Feng Shui Expert-Eugene Tan.

The unit where the office is situated in a building, the positioning of doors and windows as well as the year the building started operating and the birth data of the employees would be analyze in the Feng Shui Consultation.

Shopping malls, Grocery stores
The flow of the customer traffic, the location of the entrances and exits of the mall as well as the shapes or interior design of the malls or groceries are determined by the Mall Feng Shui. Even the placement of the mall information desk, the arches of landmark, the management office, restrooms, major shops would be considered.

Educational and health Institutions
Environmental structures and the landscape of these institutions as well as the balance of the inside structures affect the energy inside hence, these too are considered by the Manila Feng Shui Expert-Eugene Tan.

Industrial Plants and Factories, Warehouses, Production Houses
These big structures have vital key areas that need to be assessed by a Feng Shui expert. The productivity and efficiency as well as safety of the employees would definitely be assessed.

Restaurants, Cafes, Fast Food Chains (small to large-scale businesses)
More than just a sumptuous meal offered by these food businesses, the positioning of the entrance and exits as well as the counter, the kitchen, stove and the restroom matter for the business to further grow and have balance. The owners and the core crew data are taken into consideration as well.

Feng Shui for your business helps the business even flourish. This edge is something that should not be taken for granted. Good businessmen anchor their business to a deep-rooted philosophical teaching such as Feng Shui.

Think about yours, Feng Shui Consultation may just invite prosperity to your business doors.