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Feng Shui consultation rates

Updated August 8, 2018 – Feng Shui consultation rates vary depending on how experienced the feng shui expert is, and the extent of the service to be done. But let me tell you that the cost is worth it. Read on to find out why.


First a brief description of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a practice that suggests the objects and its placement in your home, can have an effect on your physical health, mental well-being, and success in life. The interior design of your homes creates or hinders an energy flow. This interacts or affects with your personal energy flow.

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What To Ask

In order for a consultant to provide a proper quote, clients must have a clear requirement in mind. It’s helpful if clients  provide more background information about the problem they have. The more information given, the easier it is for the consultant to diagnose and cure that problem.

House plans

When To Ask

As soon as the problem arises in your home is the best time. But if you are in the market in buying or constructing a new home, you should see a consultant before  purchasing a lot and before drafting the house plans.


How To Ask

Phone Consultations
There are Feng Shui experts who offer phone consultations. One big advantage is that clients receive information quickly as compared to other methods. Feng Shui phone consultations are usually provided for free.
When Why What
Email Consultations
Email are useful if for some reason clients are unable to have a consultant visit your home. Response is somewhat delayed as compared to phone inquiries. Experts usually require clients to send them photos of their home’s interior, exterior, as well as a drawn floor plan. Many will ask you to fill out a worksheet or questionnaire as well. Some experts also provide this for free but without response commitments.

On-site Consultation
A thorough assessment of the property can be performed via on-site consultation.  Possible colors, interior design and layout will be discussed thoroughly to give clients a good idea of what the outcome will look like. This usually takes hours depending on the size of the property and will involve a service fee.


How much does it cost to hire a Feng Shui expert?

Feng Shui consultation rates are quoted individually as they are based on the work required for each consultation. The cost will depend on the property’s:

  • location
  • size
  • use of property
  • outside grounds
  • the number of occupants or personnel
  • other requirements for the consultation

Normally, consultation rates are based on the number of square meters of the area that will be analyzed. However, Eugene Tan would also allow hourly rates for its clients—whichever is fair and convenient for the client.


Feng Shui Free Consultation

Feng Shui doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective. It can be applied to your home, or office for free. You can spend almost nothing by brushing up on Feng Shui knowledge.

There are tons of free resources online and making use of what you already have. Besides these, there are other ways to bring wealth and opportunity to your home.


Feng Shui Benefits

When Feng Shui is properly done, the following are the benefits:

  1. General Positive experiences and great good luck
  2. Vastly improved health
  3. Harmonious relationships with family, friends, colleagues and special someone
  4. Bright career opportunities, feeling of satisfaction and motivation to move forward
  5. Successes in all areas of life
  6. A heightened sense of well being and a good feel of self-actualization
  7. Making sales with dispatch, even when multi-million peso real property is involved
  8. Tenants of long standing who care for the property as you do
  9. A bountiful landscape, abundant with symbolic or real mountains, real or virtual water
  10. A growing and effective business

Certainly the benefits are worth your money. Feng Shui experts understands how money is important to people who seek help. Hence, they provide genuine and generous help, consultation, advice and Feng shui knowledge sharing to any one interested.