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Most people know feng shui home application as something that has got to do with ‘cleaning up’ and ‘re-arranging.’ These two things are usually advised in doing feng shui home. However, feng shui home is more than just removing the clutter, applying symmetry and re-vamping entryways or re-arranging the usual stuff that you have in the living room, bath room, dining room, kitchen and the bed room. It is not just a creative way of applying ergonomics of space in your homes.
According to research, there is a vibrant energy endowing all life on earth, called Qi.
“Qi is the life energy, the invisible but powerful magnetic current that flows through all things in nature. It is the cosmic breath, the life force in the living and inanimate objects as well.”
“The Wind and Water are the building blocks of Classical Feng Shui because the ancient Chinese believed that wind disperses Qi and water holds Qi. Wind and water are therefore the inescapable transports for all Qi. When you think about all Earth as blanketed by both air and water, then you realize how all-pervasive Qi is.”
Hence, there is Qi in buildings or homes. This abundance of Qi can be supportive or inauspicious. We employ Feng Shui to enhance the good and reduce that which is threatening.
Feng shui home is an application of feng shui as an art and science of enhancing the natural set-up in your immediate environment to let in positive feel that reinforces success in health, wealth and the ‘self.’
As it is an art and science in which for thousands of years, has been assiduously studied, nurtured and handed down for the benefit of all mankind, Feng shui home application is best done when it is consulted with a feng shui expert.
These facts and more would be explained further by the feng shui expert.
Consulting with a feng shui expert widens your knowledge on classical feng shui. This is one of the advantages of those individuals who consulted with feng shui experts rather than those who just take note of the scarce tips of unqualified feng shui sources.
The feng shui consultation process alone is worth it. The clients are provided with what really has to be there or otherwise in order to improve the rooms of the houses. Client and feng shui expert consultation increases the client’s level of qualifying choices on floor planning, architectural house conceptualization and even land or area selection that might just spare the clients from waste of money from mistaken selection of land area or wrong planning of house room divisions and spatial functions.
In fact, a feng shui expert should definitely be part of your team of architects, engineers, interior designers when you start selecting or building or re-arranging your homes.