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Feng Shui Consultant Manila

(Updated July 13, 2018) – Feng Shui or “Pungsoy” application in homes, businesses and other confidential and personal concerns has gained popularity amongst Filipinos and foreigners nowadays. Its benefits have been known through word of mouth and the media. This could be why a good Feng Shui Home Consultant from Manila can be found almost everywhere.

But how should one know who to trust?


Quick Research

Choosing a good Pungsoy consultant involves the same search process you use when you need professional services such as a doctor, mechanic or even a carpenter.

You should familiarize yourself on the benefits and misconceptions of it to gain a thorough expectation on the possible outcome of the service. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science in which philosophy is grounded on very deep concepts that some factors and aspects may not be readily comprehensible to some, who has little background on the subject.

Make sure you have a general understanding of the different schools of Feng Shui. Determine which is the one you need. Begin your search for a feng shui practitioner that uses your chosen school(s) of feng shui.


Word of Mouth

Secondly you can ask your family or friends for referrals if they’ve hired a feng shui expert before. Referrals is often one of the best recommendations, especially in the field of feng shui consulting. This is a great opportunity to get firsthand information from the person who got the service. Results are the best proof of how good and effective a consultant is.

Aside from referrals, reading website testimonials and reviews on Feng Shui would be helpful. If possible, ask questions to those making the testimonials. Social media is an ideal way to find these testimonials. Some have a list of clients willing to talk with potential clients.


Search Online

A quick Google search of Feng Shui consultants in Manila will display a list of potential Feng Shui practitioners willing to give you a hand. You can make a list out of them and once you have one (or several) names, email or give them a call.


Interview a Consultant

Before hiring, you want to assess if the two of you are fit to work together. Personalities can always play a major role in any type of relationship. It’s best if you have a good harmonious relationship with anyone you hire to work for you.

Ask for more details about his work experience, rates, consultation style, etc. If he is new in the business and does not have much experience, ask for a referral to at least one of his clients.

Also, you can meet him to have a feel of what he is like. Does he have the ability to do what he says? Do you see yourself working with him?


Making a Decision

Now that you have enough information and a good idea what you wish to achieve you will definitely benefit from Feng Shui.


Do you need a Recommendation?

A credible Pungsoy consultant in Manila, Eugene Tan has been involved in the study, application and consultation of Feng Shui for homes, businesses and other personal concerns. He provides comprehensive evaluations to anyone around the globe via on-and off-site professional consulting services. He collaborates with homeowners, entrepreneurs and corporations to prevent misfortune so as to gain every advantage in the clients’ endeavors.

The consulting style is a holistic but faithful adherence to several traditional methods, including:

  • Flying Star School (Xuan Kong)
  • the most practical applications from the East/West School (also, “Eight Mansion School”)
  • Form School that is intrinsic to authentic, classical doctrine

In the same vein, Eugene Tan includes the Yin-Yang and Five-Element Theories as these are integral parts of traditional Feng Shui.

Compass reading commences each feng shui consultation to pinpoint the precise directional alignment of the home or business. He does this as he also evaluates exteriors and landscaping.

And since date is vital to each feng shui analysis such as how the occupants are affected by their home and the year the house was constructed, Eugene Tan takes time minding this along other external and internal factors a home or business establishment has.

An Architecture Graduate and a businessman by profession, Eugene Tan’s approach to Feng Shui consultation is based on interdependent knowledge on feng shui and architectural design with a comprehensive analysis for the power (and weaknesses) found inherent in every residential or commercial structure.