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Today you have made a good choice and you know it is worth it, you decided to have your home or perhaps your commercial establishment a Feng Shui Audit. Feng Shui Homes provides you the service you need to re-analyze and re-arrange what bring negative energy to your home.

Eugene Tan, Feng Shui Home expert shared that his mission in life is primarily to help educate those interested in Feng Shui as a precious and ancient natural science and share the same knowledge to those who are ignorant of it. According to him, “the better-informed Filipinos are, the more easily they can assimilate all the good that Feng Shui does into their lives.”

He has the heartfelt desire to help our people evaluate the Feng Shui knowledge and competence of professional Feng Shui practitioners versus those who are not credible Feng Shui practitioners that trick and regard Feng Shui as plain superstition, mysticism or false religion in which the results projects various indications such as:
Poor health of occupants, on-going problems, very bad luck, loss of career, loss of money, constant arguments, relationship problems at home and at business.

A building or home that deteriorates faster than it should, unsuccessful business, difficulty selling a property, tenants who trash your property, ugly surrounding landscape.

Hence, with Eugene, consultation of each case would definitely bring advantage. Here’s how to prepare for the Feng Shui Home Expert Consultation:

First: prepare the house plan, the floor plan and the like. This would help the Feng Shui expert analyze well the structure of the house or building. It would also help during the explanation of Feng Shui advice to the client.

Second: gather the birth data of all key occupants for home or employees for commercial establishment. This is needed as Feng Shui involves analyzation of year and date.

Third: scribble down all your questions before the actual consultation so you would not miss out on them. The more questions you have, the better, as Eugene provides generously the information on Feng Shui and the other doctrines related to it.