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Wind chimes are used by many Feng Shui practitioners in claiming it can cure bad Feng Shui. But do they really know how to use it? Hi I’m Eugene Tan, also known as ET and I’m the founder of Feng Shui Homes, offering professional Feng Shui services and I’m going to explain the use of wind chimes.

Wind chimes because when they’re chiming produce a very strong energy that affects Feng Shui. You should never hang them anywhere and everywhere. It may bring in negative result. There are many cases where you’d see wind chimes hanging in the home placed on the stairway landing or the main door, or in the living room. But you see, you have to understand the energy emitted by the wind chimes. The wind chimes are used in places where the metal element is needed to enhance or remedy the area.

I have had a case where I discovered a couple suffering from bone pain. They have had a wind chime hanging in their bedroom. In this case they should have had a water element in the room. When they added the water element and removed the wind chime as advised, their illness improved.

Wind chimes are usually used if the energy is bad outside the home. But you see, you will need a competent Feng Shui practitioner to analyze and determine its placement. To be safe, if ever there is a digging of the earth in your area, you may place the wind chime towards the digging.

So remember, wind chimes should never be hanged randomly. It is the uncontrollable sounding of metal that makes them so intense.

Well that’s it for today, I’m here to share the joys of living a good life with Feng Shui. That’s what this is all about. Hopefully this will help you in discerning what will and will not work. Tell your friends about ET’s Feng Shui and see you in the next video.