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You will often notice at most of our Chinese friends’ houses an octagon shaped item with a mirror in the middle or a “yin” and “yang” symbol of which we call the Bagua or Pa Kua.

This trigram template is a symbol for the Bagua. And each template has eight (ba) areas (guas), connecting the two neighbouring corners of the octagonal trigram towards the centre to form one gua. The centre contains the yin and yang symbol.

Each of the ‘guas’ shows three yao symbols and stretching into three rows starting from the centre to the outer side. Namely yin; representing the receptive (female) force of nature, or yang; representing the creative (male) force of nature.

Feng Shui will help us learn that positive chi energy in our life, environment and living area wil be balanced, and areas that are not can be readjusted with some corresponding items and symbols in colors, which will lead to a harmonious and balanced chi.

While the Bagua or map is used to stabilize, protect, adjust or restore balance by studying or designing any given space.