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Feng Shui property Audit can evaluate whether a location, orientation and layout are fundamentally favorable. It saves you the time and money sparing you from making extensive modifications that has got no balance after all.
Feng shui home expert guides properly the clients based on ancient art and science study—something that would benefit your being and the way you interact with others as well.

Normally, consultation rates are based on the number of square meters of the area that will be analyzed, however, Eugene Tan, Manila Feng Shui Expert would also allow hourly rates for its clients—whichever is fair and convenient for the client.

Feng Shui Home-Residence: large homes, medium-sized homes, small homes. Feng Shui Home Exterior and Landscaping; Feng Shui Home Apartments: 3 bedroom apartment, 2 bedroom apartment, 1 bedroom apartment; Feng Shui Businesses, shops. offices: Floor of offices, Office suite, Office and reception area Feng Shui and the doctrines related to it answer what is deficient about the immediate environment and it provides concepts on how to balance these. Because only a few have read and have deeply and genuinely understood its teachings only a few then are able to apply.

This is when a Feng Shui Consultation becomes significant. In order to attain genuine satisfaction in life, we utilize Qi or our positive energy in our immediate surroundings.

First: prepare the house plan, the floor plan and the like. This would help the Feng Shui expert analyze well the structure of the house or building.

Second: gather the birth data of all key occupants for home or employees for commercial establishment.

Third: scribble down all your questions before the actual consultation so you would not miss out on them. Eugene Tan, the Manila Feng Shui Home Expert provides generously the information on Feng Shui and the other doctrines related to it.