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Landscape is one of the best features in homes or business locations. The art of landscaping has got everyone amazed of how it creates a good feel and attraction to a certain place.

Many people consider landscaping and so they try to seek for professional help. However, others are able to manage on their own by reading through books and in the online community.

As per research, there are some tips to help one apply the principles of feng shui to a landscape design. Through Land Form Analysis.

The art of feng shui divides every environment into eight directions, or trigrams.

The Eight Trigrams (also “Bagua “) depicts the Yin and Yang nature of the eight compass directions and the Feng Shui elements they are aligned with.

Eugene Tan of Feng Shui-Homes employs the underlying theories of the Classical/Compass School, proven in practice over the centuries.

The Eight Trigrams also apply to parts of your body and how each family member relates to you.

Feng Shui Expert like Eugene Tan may suggests that staying in a particular room might give you headaches, this is an insight gained from reading the Qi of the trigram he has calculated specifically for you and your house.

Each trigram has specific characteristics and these can be utilized for maximum advantage.

Further, as per research:
The trigram for instance, trigram Dui, is represented by the element soft metal. Similarly, it is all represented by the body parts the mouth chest and teeth and in a negative sense it also symbolizes robbery and imprisonment.

However, the trigram kan, is represented by the element water which also represents the body parts the ears, blood and kidneys.  This symbolizes wealth and powerful position if it is in a good phase.

The trigram Xun is represented by the element softwood represents the body parts thighs and lower back. It also symbolizes scholastic achievement, reading writing and creativity.

Learn more about how you have to do all these by contacting Eugene Tan, Feng Shui expert.